Coarse Refined Sugar

Colour MAX. 45 Icumsa
Polarization MIN. 99.9 % Degree Polarization (0Z)
Moisture MAX. 0.04 % by weight
Conductivity Ash MAX. 0.15% by weight
Invert Sugar MAX. 0.03 % by weight
Average Size 1 - 1.8 mm.
Target M.A. 0.80 - 2 mm.
Sediments MAX. 0.02% by weight
Arsenic MAX. 0.50 mg/kg
Lead MAX. 0.50 mg/kg
Copper MAX. 1.50 mg/kg
Pesticide NONE
Pesticide NONE
Sulphur Doixide NONE
Pathogenic Bacteria NONE
Coli-form Bacteria MAX. 1 CFU/10 GM
E. Coli NONE
Yeast & Mold MAX. 10 CFU/10 GM

     The crystal size of coarse sugar is larger than that of “regular” sugar. The large crystal size of coarse sugar makes it highly resistant to color change or inversion (natural breakdown to fructose and glucose) at cooking and baking temperatures. These characteristics are important in making fondants, confections and liquors.

     A bigger grain size crystal but purity helps your hot tea more flavours. Recommend for hot drink and topping on your baking because large crystal melt slowly when heated.